Dear Robert,

I just wanted to write and explain that your cleaner IT has done a great job on our heavy equipment.

Working in the excavation business our equipment is constantly exposed to the environments of dust, mud, diesel, grease and other ugly stuff. Our equipment needs plenty of cleaning for proper upkeep and we have found that IT is definetly up for the job.

My crew at the yard, which is in charge of cleaning that equipment, has said that your cleaner works best on the interior and painted area of our tractors; leaves a clean shine. They have begun to use it on their own cars. :)

Thank you again for recommending your product.

~James R. Schneider

President, JR Schneider Construction

My name is Jacque' Nowak and I have owned and operated Maid For You Cleaning Service for nearly 30 years. And during that time we have literally cleaned tens of thousands of homes. I have seen many cleaning products come and go. I recently was introduced to "It,Get it Clean" and was amazed. I have never used a better product on glass, mirrors and granite. And it blows my mind that I can then turn around and use it on carpet! This product is not only good but it will save you time. I can recommend it with confidence!

~Jacque' Nowak

Maid For You, Austin, Texas

It worked on soap scum removal that had been very problematic. Using It All Purpose eliminated the need for heavy equipment and required less elbow grease. Consequently, it certainly saved time on what is usually a lengthy & laborious task.


Environmental Coordinator of Independent School District

As a branch manager of a large car rental office it is always a challenge to get our vehicles detailed in a timely manner. "It" Get It Clean has saved my office countless amount of time and money on detail fees. We just spray the cleaner on any carpet & floorboard stains and the stains are gone in seconds. "It" has helped my operation be much more efficient and has helped our customer service in a big way

~Branch Manager


I tried IT and I love it! I had this awful huge stain on the carpet in my kid's room and IT got it clean! It's so great to grab just one bottle of IT and get it all done.... from the kitchen to the bedroom to the bathroom. It's so convenient. Makes life easier :)

~Zanetta F.

Mother of 2

It cut through he grime on the table-tops. It cleaned the windows, It cleaned the greasy shoe marks off the wall, It made the stainless steel shine- It did it all. The fact that It is a bio-degradable product and that It doesn't have a chemical smell makes It even more fantastic.

~Stacey Rosa

Managing Partner, Santa Rita Cantina
Austin, TX

As Director of Housekeeping for a large professional athletic facility, many vendors have approached me with their products. When first approached, I was, as usual, a bit skeptical. I can say this, the first project I used It on, I was pleasantly surprised that It lived up to its billing. I have since tried It as an all-purpose cleaner in many areas. We still have many areas on which to try It, but I feel confident the product will produce the results we are looking for.

~Steve Epperson

Director of Housekeeping

It is one of the best cleaning products I have ever used. Whether at work or at home, I use this product every day to get stains out of concrete, grease off of golf carts, spaghetti sauce off granite countertops, or the mess that my new puppy left me! It has replaced almost every other cleaning product that I use on a daily basis saving me money and providing me with cleaner surfaces. Thank you for making such a wonderful product!

~Eric Claxton, PGA

Director of Golf, Husband, and Dad of 3
Austin, TX

I have been a middle school educator for thirty years. In the schools I have worked, we have never been able to completely clean the old, smudged marks from our classroom white boards. After just a few squirts of It, the white boards were as good as new! We were absolutely amazed. I highly recommend the product.

~Pete Price

Principal O'Henry Middle School
Austin, TX

My name is Lee Lairmore, I operate a deck company in San Antonio Texas; Five Star Deck And Patio. We have two year old cedar, IPE and composite deck that we use to display our products at Home & Garden shows. After being moved, dismantled 8 times and walked on by over 50,000 people, it looked like it was 100 years old!  We had come to the decision to scrap it and start over. As a last ditch effort we sprayed It down with your deck cleaner, scrubbed It, rinsed It off and when It dried It looked brand new. That old beat up deck is now being installed in our showroom. "It" saved a lot of very expensive materials from the junk yard. We tell every client about  "It" cause "It" works! Thanks for your product.

Lee Lairmore

Five Star Deck And Patio

At Genie we have tried numerous cleaning products. None have removed dirt, oil, and grime the way It does. It did a fantastic job on windows too. I highly recommend It, for personal and professional use. -

Pat Leonard

Manager, Genie Car Wash

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